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Prenatal Care

Exceptional prenatal care is the heart of a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth.  We focus on this development through education, nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being. The prenatal visit is a time for learning, exploring issues and preparing for parenthood. We work hard to provide a safe, sensitive environment where you are truly heard.  Building a strong relationship with each midwife facilitates trust, an important part of our prenatal care. We encourage family members to attend visits and participate in your care.  Your initial prenatal visit last an hour; with the remaining prenatal visits of your pregnancy being 30 minutes. Except for the 36 week visit, this lasts an hour, as we spend time talking about and exploring your expectations and desires for your upcoming birth. 

  Your Birth

Your choices for birth are very important.  How you are supported in those choices enhances your memory of your birth experience.  With that in mind, monitoring done during labor and birth is done safely while respecting your work in labor.  Since your birth is your occasion, you may choose whom you want to invite. Whether this is to be a private time with you and your spouse/partner or you invite family and friends, we encourage and support their involvement in this process. In addition to your private suite, there is a comfortable area for family and guests to wait.  When your baby is born, we understand the importance of those first moments for Mom, Baby and Dad.  We encourage those things that facilitate bonding within this new family, while caring for and monitoring Mom and Baby together. We also offer homebirths!!

Postpartum Care

Continuity of care is the foundation for the midwives model of care, therefore postpartum care begins immediately. Exams on both mom and baby are done while they are together, with the midwife explaining the steps or process.  Breastfeeding is encouraged and supported.  The midwife or assistant will help you and your baby with your first breastfeeding.  Before leaving the birthing center, parents are taught what to expect in the next days and weeks and how to monitor their baby’s health as well as given handouts that will help them with this information.  The typical length of stay after the birth of the baby is 4-6 hours, but may vary from family to family. Most moms are eager to take their new baby home and settle in.  Midwives recognize the needs of the new family in the first few days and weeks at home. We will visit you in your home within the first 2-4 days.  A birthcenter visit is scheduled with mom and baby at 2 weeks to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience and a healthy start together as mother and child.  A 6-week postpartum visit is scheduled to discuss family planning and to make sure the process of transition is normal. This schedule is flexible and can be adjusted according to the family’s needs.