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Dr. Amy Harris

We have a wonderful chiropractor here in Greenville, who offices out of The Birth Center on Wednesdays. She has a passion for helping others, especially moms and their children. Adjusting moms who's babies were in the breech presentation, which successfully flipped them head down. She has helped moms with severe postpartum SPD. As well as helping colicky babies and those with nursing issues! You do not need to be a birth center client to see Dr. Amy here on Wednesdays and if you would like to schedule with her outside of the birth center her number is 469-323-3742.

Can help relieve many issues during pregnancy including but not limited to:

  • neck, shoulder and back pain from increased breast and abdomen size
  • carpal tunnel syndrome from fluid retention
  • rib pain from expanding rib cage
  • low back/hip/sciatic nerve pain
  • pain from shifting pelvic bones
  • breech, transverse or posterior positioned babies
  • reducing nausea, indigestion and acid reflux


Chiropractic care can also be beneficial after delivery to realign the lower back and pelvic joints.


Infant chiropractic care can help realign baby's spine after birth, which can reduce colic, spitting up, aid in successful digestion, and prevent a multitude of other short and long term problems. It is also a foundational element of wellness, as spinal care is directly tied to nervous system function. By pursuing chiropractic care, your child may experience improved sleep, behavior, attitude and immune system function. 

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